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JJM Construction is a family-owned business. After several decades of roofing and construction experience, we are now offering our expertise in constructing modular homes as well. We believe that many years of work in the New York area, coupled with our family-owned business model, allows us to have a unique relationship with our customers that helps us provide the very best results.Why JJM Construction JJM

Construction is a local, family-owned roofing company that has been operating since 1955. Because we are family owned, you will receive the benefit of working directly with the business owner. You will obtain personalized help for your specific needs along with accurate communication throughout your entire roofing process. As a local business, we can guarantee that certified personnel will be at your home to assess and start all your roofing needs within 24 hours of contacting us.

Why a Modular Home?

What is a modular home, and why is it a better choice than a traditional home? After completion, a modular home will typically look exactly like a traditional home; the difference is in the speed and method of construction as well as the quality of the finished home. Modular homes are built in pieces (modules) in a climate-controlled environment. They are produced at a factory, which allows them to be constructed to very exacting standards using methods that aren’t available to carpenters working at a job site. After all of the pieces of a modular home have been designed, fabricated, and checked, they are then shipped directly to the job site. That’s where a local construction company like JJM Construction comes in.

Why Experience Matters?

Site preparation for a modular home is critical, and JJM understands this. Foundations and all of the prep work have to be fit to the existing pieces. This means that the foundation of the house needs to match up exactly with the modular home–tolerances are often within half an inch, so there is little room for error. If site preparation has been done well, then when the pieces of the modular home arrive, they can be assembled quickly and cleanly. In some cases, the total construction time from design to completion can be as little as 1/3 the time it takes to build a home in the traditional manner. These advantages of speedy and efficient construction are what lead many people to choose modular homes, but only an experienced construction company can ensure success.

The JJM Advantage

Choosing a modular home requires choosing an experienced company to oversee the process. You need a company that will work with you to design the perfect home and will also work with the manufacturer to ensure that your home is built correctly. At JJM Construction, we help you choose from a wide variety of models and materials to plan a home that best fits your needs and your budget. After design comes manufacturing; here, JJM Construction chooses only the most reliable and highest quality modular home manufacturers. Meanwhile, on location JJM Construction works to ensure that the poured foundation matches the manufactured pieces precisely, speeding up the construction process. Throughout each stage, JJM Construction strives to meet your needs while ensuring that the construction proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

The JJM Construction Warranty

At JJM Construction, quality matters. And we know that your home’s quality matters to you too. That’s why JJM Construction offers a quality guarantee on all of our modular homes. In addition, should anything go wrong, we will dispatch repair crews to quickly fix any problems. If you are interested in a new modular home from JJM Construction, call or email us today!